At StratiTek, we understand that “innovation” is more than a buzz-word. It’s the future of your organization. That’s why leaders in the food and beverage industries look to our wide range of development services to bridge the gap between new product ideas, existing product enhancement and commercial successes. 

We collaborate with you through every stage of development – from concept to commercialization - working at our labs, your facility, contract facilities or in your plant to deliver successful products. 

By thinking creatively about your ingredients, expertise, process and packaging, we partner with you to create great-tasting, high-quality products that meet your objectives, timeline and budget.

Our Product Development Services Include:

  • Collaborative Product Ideation
  • On-Trend Concept Development
  • New Product Formulations
  • Prototype Creation & Presentation
  • Reformulations
  • Pilot Plant Development
  • Scale-up & Commercialization
  • Contract Manufacturing Support
  • Ingredient Functionality
  • Application Development & Support




Ingredient expertise is the foundation of StratiTek’s product development solutions. Our team of chemists and food scientists understand the chemical and functional properties of individual ingredients and their impact on a formulation. 

We utilize our testing facilities, equipment and application knowledge to evaluate new or existing ingredient functionality, providing a wide range of technical assistance. 

Some areas of support in this area include:

  • Formulation evaluation offering ingredient substitution recommendations
  • Isolate and identify major and minor functional characteristics
  • Development of commercial opportunities exploiting ingredient properties
  • Formulation development showcasing key ingredients
  • Identification of innovative applications for existing ingredients
  • Technical support and training for sales teams




Leading names in the food and beverage industry have come to rely upon StratiTek’s unique niche in the fast-growing “wellness” product arena. 

With specific education and experience in nutrition and food technology, combined with world-class food/beverage science, StratiTek can work with you to identify and develops an array of foods and beverages that address consumer health trends without compromising on flavor, quality or cost.

Areas of specialty include:

• Functional Foods & Beverages  

Our extensive ingredient expertise enables us to develop a variety of foods and beverages that offer multiple nutritional benefits, including omega-3s, pre/probiotics, antioxidants, and other emerging nutrition trends. 

• Targeted Nutrition & Weight Management 

From portion-controlled products that support weight-control to products that offer daily serving targets of fruit, vegetables, fiber and more, we support consumer demands for healthy alternatives that are delicious and satisfying. 

• Organic/Natural Foods 

We are well versed in “cleaning up labels” to reduce negatively-perceived product attributes among consumers, while ensuring products meet high quality, safety and certification standards. 

• Sustainable Products & Packaging 

We lead supply chain reviews “end-to-end,” which identifies efficiencies to develop or enhance environmentally-conscious and cost-effective products.